i can’t believe i am the funniest AND cutest person in the world 

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I sort of have this obsession with everything going right.
I hate when plans are ruined, I hate when food doesn’t turn out right, I hate when we can’t have a good practice because we have to run since people where walking, I hate when people don’t do things right such as lifting or having good technique, I hate taking small steps because it is not essentially what I am supposed to do (ironically sets me up for failure), I hate when people have wrong spelling or grammar, I hate when people don’t dress appropriately, I hate when things don’t make sense to me.
I sort of have an obsession with perfection.

It’s okay. I can be a bitch, too.




wow i havent showered since last year! haha!

It’s not 2014 yet

what does that have to do with anything





i hate it when adults assume i’m on the internet all the time by choice. if i had enough money to travel around and etc, do you think i would be withering away my youth behind a computer screen you useless paperclip.

I dont think i have ever heard the term useless paperclip used as an insult before.

clearly you never tried to write a word document in the 90s


killin the xmas sweater game

killin the xmas sweater game



Remember when every girl wanted this phone


yoo if you had this phone in 2005 you were the coolest bitch on the block


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